The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Baton Rouge Home


The Trick To Keeping Spiders Out Of Your Baton Rouge Home   

Spiders are not particularly uncommon in Baton Rouge homes, but they certainly are no welcome household guest! A few of the most common arachnid varieties seen in our neck of the woods include:

  • The cellar spider 
  • The black widow spider 
  • The brown recluse spider 
  • The jumping spider
  • The wolf spider

Most of these creatures are completely harmless, but all of them are creepy sights when spotted indoors. That’s why we wanted to offer a single, great tip for keeping spiders out of the home: mitigating pest prey!

Other Spider Prevention Tips For Baton Rouge Households

Before beginning with spider prevention, it is important to evaluate your home for any signs of pests or pest prey activity.The following is a list of general pest protection activities that may help lessen the presence of many pest species:

  • Begin by storing your food and garbage items in properly sealed bins. It is imperative that you reduce food sitting out on counters, on dirty dishes or floors. Ensure that you are removing trash from the home a minimum of once per week. 
  • Clear clutter from the floors, especially boxes, toys, or large objects.
  • Address moisture buildup around the home by treating any pipes or drains that are suffering from backup. Invest in a good dehumidifier or set of desiccant bags to help eliminate any remaining moisture.

Once you have treated your home against pest prey activity, it will be time to utilize prevention steps against spiders themselves, such as:

  • Sweeping away any web formations around the interior or exterior of your home. 
  • Using proper wood storage techniques to stack and move firewood a minimum of 25 feet away from the house. 
  • Checking all the screens and door sweeps for signs of entry points or potential entry points. 
  • Looking around your home for cracks forming in the structure, especially those that can be sealed with waterproof caulking.
  • If you think your home or property is host to too many spiders, it would be wise to check with the professionals that can address your concerns quickly.
  • Call River City Termite & Pest for a free home inspection today!

Don’t Settle For Less, Get River City Termite & Pest!  

Spiders are difficult to prevent, annoying to remove, and downright upsetting to find loitering around your Baton Rouge home. While certain DIY (do it yourself) prevention techniques can help to mitigate their presence or lower their numbers, they will not keep a serious infestation from developing. That’s why you need the best advice and assistance possible for the betterment of your home and personal safety. For additional tips and tricks about the prevention of spiders around your Baton Rouge home, call the friendly folks at River City Termite & Pest.

Our team has decades of experience dealing with native pest populations, and has successfully removed thousands of spiders from Louisiana homes and businesses. Using a de-webbing system and systematic pest control efforts, there’s no arachnid truly safe from our treatment services. We dive deep into the roots of your concern, combining treatment plans and regular visits to curate the best outcome for your household. For River City Termite & Pest, service is our second nature!

Find everything you need to get started by calling or visiting with our team of professionals. We’ll do our best to identify the pest control plan for your situation, and uncover the perfect blend of services for your lifestyle. We believe that your home should stay your home, regardless of the pests that choose to invade. Call River City Termite & Pest now for the arachnid prevention services you need today! 

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