An Effective Guide To Crazy Ant Control For Baton Rouge Property Owners

September 15, 2020

With insects as varied and common as ants, there are bound to be some that pose greater risks and problems to property owners than others. Crazy ants fit this bill, able to thrive quickly they cause headaches for anyone. Learning how to spot and prevent the problem is the first step for any kind of pest control.

a crazy ant on fruit

What Are Crazy Ants?

Crazy ants are a species that’s known for their erratic, seemingly nonsensical way of walking. While other ants march in lines or zig-zags, crazy ants don’t appear to move in any discernible rhythm or pattern. They do still work together, however, forming elaborate colonies that help them survive. Aside from their bizarre canter, you call tell crazy ants from other kinds with these traits:


Crazy ants can be dark brown, almost black, but they are usually light brown or tan.


While crazy ants aren’t all that big – typically only a few millimeters in length – they are larger than other common nuisance varieties and are big enough to eat other insects.


While not harmful to people or pets, crazy ants release venom in their bites that can paralyze other bugs that they eat.

Dangerous & Damaging Pests

Whether an ant variety is dangerous or just a nuisance, any bug that forages around your property for food brings other problems along with it. Here are some of the problems that crazy ants cause:


While they aren’t as dangerous as venomous spiders or snakes, crazy ants are more aggressive than other common nuisance varieties and bite when provoked.


Crazy ants give off an aroma when they die or are startled, giving their location out to soldier ants that rush in to lend a hand. Because of this, crazy ants often swarm electronic equipment, as one gets fried and brings a horde of others to gunk up the works. This can cause annoying problems in modern life.


Crazy ants breed in truly massive numbers, meaning a small problem can quickly form into an untameable population. This is why we recommend professional methods getting rid of all the different types of ants that make up their colonies.

Ant Prevention For Your Property

Since foraging insects can invade your property and attract even more pests to the area, proper crazy ant prevention is really about total pest control. Here are some simple steps you can take to help your cause:

Deep Cleaning

The smallest crumb is a goldmine for a small ant, so routinely cleaning your property – especially in nooks and crannies – will help address traces that attract foragers.

Food & Trash Storage

Breaking your back cleaning up every spill and crumb does no good if food is sitting out or stored in easily accessible areas. Use heavy-duty containers that bugs can’t get inside of or chew through.Crack sealing: With such tiny pests, no hole or crack is too small to get through. Regularly check for these imperfections along your walls and floors, making repairs wherever they’re needed.

Trust The Pros To Do It Right

With so many kinds of nuisance ants out there, crazy ants account for just one small portion of the infestations that you could get saddled with. Rather than sweat all the small details that keep tiny foragers at bay, why not get a little extra help? At River City Termite & Pest, our friendly and experienced staff can provide you with even more helpful tips. We can get started right away on an inspection of your property, checking for any warning signs of pests forming. We’ll work with you to address them and take steps to protect your property from any future infestations.

Don’t let crazy ants become crazy tough to get rid of. Turn to River City Termite & Pest for effective removal and control. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control solutions.

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