How To Get Rid Of Powder Post Beetles In Baton Rouge

June 15, 2021

When it comes to wood-destroying pests, termites get all the attention — and rightfully so! But despite the billions of dollars in damage that termites cause on American properties every year, there’s another destructive pest that many property owners have to deal with. 

Powder post beetles can ruin valuable hardwood floors, moldings, and furniture as well as structural wood. Even worse, you could have a powder post beetle problem for years without realizing it. Eliminating these wood-hungry pests is essential for preserving your property. So, here’s how to get rid of powder post beetles in Baton Rouge. 

powder post beetle on wooden post

What You Should Know About Powder Post Beetles 

Powder post beetles lay their eggs in the cracks and pores of wood. When the eggs hatch, the beetle larvae will spend their adolescence chewing up their wooden homes, creating a network of tunnels in the process. When the larvae reach maturity, the new adult beetles will exit the wood by excavating a hole, resulting in visible damage. 

While some species of powder post beetles prefer manufactured hardwood mostly utilized for decoration around the property, some powder post beetles are more fond of structural softwoods. When powder post beetles go after structural wood, it’s bad news. The resulting structural damage can weaken or warp wood. 

Signs Of A Powder Post Beetle Infestation

While powder post beetles may be eating away at wood on your property undetected, there are signs of their presence that you can look out for. Ways to identify a powder post beetle infestation include:

  • Finding frass – When wood-boring insects excavate their tunnels, they produce powdery waste called frass. This frass can be sawdust-like in appearance.

  • Identifying exits – Powder post beetles create tiny exit holes when they emerge from wood. These holes typically measure between 1/32 and 1/16 inch in diameter and are often surrounded by frass residue.

  • Damaged wood – Noticed any warped, damaged, or decaying wood around the property? It could be due to juvenile powder post beetles feeding on the material.

How To Get Rid Of Powder Post Beetles

Eliminating powder post beetles on your own can be a pain. And with any do-it-yourself pest control treatments, you risk wasting time and money just for the bugs to infest your property all over again. That’s why if you’ve got powder post beetles in Baton Rouge, you need help from the experts at River City Termite & Pest Control. 

Since 2007, we’ve been solving pest problems for Baton Rouge with the most exceptional and affordable services available. We offer free inspections for our customers and all of our services come with a pest-free guarantee. Whether you have pests infesting your home or business, our residential pest control and commercial pest control services have you covered. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust our family-owned and -operated business to take care of your powder post beetles once and for all. 

How To Prevent Powder Post Beetles 

Preventing powder post beetles is all about being conscious of the lumber you bring to your property and protecting the wood you already have. You can prevent powder post beetles by:

  • Inspecting lumber – Check any wood you purchase for signs of powder post beetle activity; namely, lots of small holes or weakened structure. Some powder post beetles find hardwood more appealing while some prefer softwood. Damaged or unfinished woods are more likely to have powder post beetles.

  • Finishing wood – Using paint or varnish to cover bare wood can discourage powder post beetles from laying eggs.

  • Freezing wood – Freezing temperatures have proven to be effective against powder post beetles. Place any small wooden objects that you suspect are infested with powder post beetles in the freezer to eliminate the problem.

If you have more questions about powder post beetles or any other pest concerns in Baton Rouge, get in touch with River City Termite & Pest Control today. 

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