Why Annual Termite Inspections Are So Important For Baton Rouge Properties

April 15, 2021

Termites are one of the most destructive pests you could have in your Baton Rouge property. While some other pests, such as rodents and carpenter ants, can also cause property damage, termites are particularly bad because of the extent of damage they cause. In fact, the average termite infestation will end up costing homeowners about $3,000, but sometimes, this number is much higher.

termite crawling on chewed wood

Termites are known for eating through all kinds of wooden structures, and they are also extremely adept at hiding. Because they are often out of sight, it can be difficult to identify termites. However, there are instances when you could see a termite, so it’s useful to know what they look like.

Termite swarmers are those in the colony responsible for reproduction. They are dark brown to black and have wings. The termite workers and soldiers are a cream color and don’t have wings. You’re more likely to see termite swarmers than the other members of the termite caste, and they tend to be more active during the spring and summer months.

Why Is It So Hard To Spot Termites?

While many other pest species in Baton Rouge can be difficult to notice, termites are one of the hardest to find. They spend most of their time inside of walls or under flooring, and they don’t often venture to areas where humans can see them except during their reproductive season.

Termite infestations are especially hard to notice in the early stages of the invasion. Over time, more signs of termites will appear, but most of these signs involve significant damage to your home or business. Unfortunately, you could have termites for months or even years without realizing it.

Because of this, the best way to protect your property from termite damage is to get a professional inspection. Professionals have the tools to identify termite infestations in their early stages. This is part of the reason why termite inspections are almost always required before buying or purchasing a property.

What Is The Termite Inspection Process?

The termite inspection process is known as a WDIR which stands for a wood-destroying insect inspection report. This report is written out and details if there are any termites or other wood-destroying pests in a building or not.

At River City Termite & Pest Control, we send trained and licensed pest control technicians to a home to check areas that are vulnerable to termite attack. We will look for evidence of any current or past activity.

During the inspection, we will check out any permanently attached structures such as decks and porches. We will also look at any easily accessible wooden structures in the home. If the homeowner wishes to have areas like the floor underneath the carpet inspected, we can do so if the homeowner makes these areas accessible.

While a WDIR isn’t a complete guarantee that you don’t or never have had termites, it’s one of the best preventive measures against termite damage.

Protect Your Property From Termites

If you have more questions about termite inspection or would like to get started with protecting your property from these destructive pests, contact River City Termite & Pest Control today. We are able to provide annual inspections that are the only effective way to know if you have termites or not.

We provide both residential and commercial pest control services, and you can even request an inspection using our online form.

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