Why Is It So Hard To Keep Fire Ants Out Of My Baton Rouge Yard?

August 14, 2020

At first glance, ants seem harmless. They’re small, and you may first notice them wandering through the grass searching for food or diligently carrying food back for their colony. How can something so small be dangerous? If you watch fire ants going about their business for a long enough time, you’ll soon understand some of the reasons these ants are a problem. You may feel a painful pinch… and then another… and another, until you’re screaming and swatting and desperately trying to get these biting ants off.

a cluster of fire ants eating their prey

How can you prevent this scenario? We’ve gathered some information about why fire ants are a problem for Baton Rouge homeowners as well as some helpful advice for getting them out of your yard.

What’s Different About Fire Ants?

Fire ants look similar to other ants. They are bright red or brownish in color, and they build large mound-like nests outside. Fire ants get their name from the burning sensation that often accompanies their stings. Their venom is quite painful. And fire ants can sting multiple times.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous?

A fire ant sting starts with sharp, burning pain. The pain may dull after a few minutes, and within a few hours, it may subside to an itch. Fire ant bites are red and usually a pus-filled welt forms, which can itch for several days. If you are allergic to fire ant stings, a reaction can be much more severe. For people with allergies, a fire ant sting can result in a rash, swelling, redness, and even difficulty breathing. If you have any of these reactions, seek medical care.

Why Is It Hard To Stop Fire Ants?

Fire ants are dangerous and painful, but they’re also really difficult to get rid of. This is because fire ants are experts at budding. When fire ants realize their colony is in danger, the colony will split. The two new colonies will divide and relocate in order to increase their chances of survival. This is called budding. Fire ants are especially good at recolonizing and relocating, making them a formidable enemy. If you try incorrectly to eliminate a fire ant colony, you may end up with multiple colonies across your yard instead of just one.
What’s more, fire ants are incredibly aggressive. Attempting to remove fire ants from your yard will likely result in multiple stings. Even if you aren’t allergic, the sheer number of stings could lead to a more severe reaction.

Who To Call For Fire Ant Removal?

Instead of trying to deal with fire ants alone, call River City Termite & Pest. We have the equipment and expertise to safely remove and eliminate fire ants. Our pest professionals are trained in fire ant removal to avoid budding so that you can be sure that fire ants are gone from your yard.

This summer, take back your lawn with help from River City Termite & Pest. We want to keep you and your family safe from these pests. Don’t risk fire ant stings; call us for help!

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