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What are silverfish?

Silverfish are part of the order Zygentoma, along with other creatures like fishmoths and firebrats. They are enthusiastic feeders and eat starches, cellulose, glue, dead insects, and dry goods like flour, cereals, and more. Silverfish are a common home-invading pest in the Baton Rouge area.

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The body of a silverfish is wide at the head and tapers toward the tail and often described as carrot-shaped. Silverfish are wingless but use their six legs to move very quickly from place to place, often frightening people as they dart across a room. Silverfish also have three "bristle-like" appendages that extend from their hind end. Their brown or gray bodies have scales covering them.

Are silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish are not dangerous, but that is not to say you should ever allow them to move inside your home! In your home, silverfish are a nuisance to deal with and difficult to get rid of. Their feeding habits allow them to contaminate food, chew through cardboard boxes, and damage personal things like wallpaper, clothing, rugs, and stored bedding.

Also, because silverfish have such high moisture needs, if they are in your house, it could indicate a moisture problem within your home that you need to address.

Why do I have a silverfish problem?

One of the biggest reasons why silverfish have become a problem on your property or in your home is because it is providing them with damp, dark areas to live and feed.

When it becomes too hot and dry for silverfish to live outside, they seek refuge indoors. Silverfish move inside through cracks in the foundation, spaces under doors, vents, and drains.

Sometimes people unknowingly introduce them into their homes. They often hitchhike their way inside on potted plants, boxes, magazines, newspapers, or other items that were once stored outside.

Where will I find silverfish?

Outside silverfish like to live in damp, dark areas like under rocks, in caves, under leaf litter, in woodpiles, and under mulch in garden areas. Many times their favorite hiding spots are near the foundations of homes and buildings, providing them with easy access inside.

If silverfish have invaded your home, they will move to areas that will help them to meet their moisture needs. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility closets, kitchens, and basements commonly experience problems with silverfish.

How do I get rid of silverfish?

Eliminate silverfish and other pests from your Louisiana residential or commercial property with the help of River City Termite & Pest Control. We offer personalized services you can count on to eliminate problems with common Louisiana pests and keep them from returning.

Get rid of silverfish from your property by reaching out to River City Termite & Pest Control. We are happy to work with you to ensure that your Baton Rouge area home or business is kept free of silverfish. To learn more about our home pest control or commercial pest control services, give us a call today!

How can I prevent silverfish in the future?

Help keep silverfish out of your home with the help of the following, easy-to-implement silverfish prevention tips:

  • Silverfish have high moisture needs. Make your home less attractive by using dehumidifiers, ventilating fans, and air conditioners to keep your home's moisture levels low.
  • Another way to reduce moisture levels in your home is to fix leaky pipes, faucets, and air conditioners. Also, make sure tubs and sinks are draining properly.
  • Rake back mulch, soil, or leaf debris from your home's foundation.
  • Eliminate easy access for silverfish into your home by sealing cracks in the foundation, spaces under doors, and placing covers on vents and drains.
  • Store your dry goods in containers with airtight lids.
  • Get rid of old stacks of magazines or newspapers from your home that collects moisture and act as hiding spots for silverfish.

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